Spartech Royalite® thermoplastic and polyethylene sheet Electrically conductive material meets permanent static protection requirements

16 September 2022

Spartech, a leading manufacturer of engineered thermoplastics and custom packaging solutions, announces Royalite® thermoplastic sheet provides permanent protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD). This product line features several material chemistries for manufacturing everything from shipping containers for sensitive software chips and aviation fuel caps to temporary floor material used during avionics assembly.

Spartech's most popular thermoplastic ESD sheet, Royalite® R63, is an ABS/PVC product that is both electrically conductive and fire rated. Containers made from Royalite® R63 thermoplastic sheet provide permanent static protection and the dimensional stability typical of ABS plastics required for today's robotic material handling systems. It is widely used for applications where dissipation of electrostatic charge is critical and provides excellent ESD protection to sensitive devices during manufacture, assembly and storage.

Royalite® R63 combines high stiffness and abrasion resistance with excellent thermoformability and meets the minimum static decay requirements outlined in MIL-B-81705C and NFPA Code 99 specifications. It is recognized under the component program of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. with a classification of 94V-1 at 0.066".

In addition to Royalite® R63, other available options include Royalite® R632 thermoplastic ESD sheet which is both electrically conductive and UL® listed, Royalite® R64 conductive sheet is a high molecular weight high density polyethylene for excellent thermoformability, Royalite® R637 which is both an anti-static and high impact polystyrene sheet, Royalite® R607 is an internal anti-stat applied to PETG rolls, and Royalite® R608 which is a topical anti-stat applied to PETG rolls with many uses such as  electronics packaging for controlling static build-up and where clarity needs to be maintained.

Royalite® is available in several thermoformable thermoplastic ESD material chemistries, depending upon the specific application, and can be specifically designed to comply with FDA Food Additive Regulation 21CFR177.1640 for rubber modified polystyrene. In most cases, using conventional plastic fabricating tools, it is possible to machine, saw, drill, rout and grind this rigid sheet material.

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