Spartech Tufpak® Polypropylene Films and Bags Offer Universal Sterilizability Features

12 August 2022

Spartech, a leading manufacturer of engineered thermoplastics and custom packaging solutions, announces the availability of Tufpak® high-temperature polypropylene films and bags that offer universal sterilizability features primarily for medical and biopharmaceutical applications.

Designed for high-temperature aseptic packaging, the Tufpak® proprietary polypropylene blown film extrusion process produces superior physical plastic properties as compared to standard blown film producers and converters. This substrate can be sterilized in both high-temperature (steam autoclave) methods and through radiation (electron beam and gamma ray) processes. This polypropylene product can withstand ionizing radiation sterilization for medical packaging and healthcare research environments.

Copolymer affinity materials also make it possible to create aseptic bags and pouches that allow for sampling of the packaging content within a sterile environment that protects against outside contaminants.

Utilizing this technology, Spartech offers: autoclave polypropylene biohazard bags specifically intended for biotech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical research, and government/military industries; and Tufpak® breathable bags designed for bioremediation, biopesticides, tissue culture growth, agricultural, and bioreactor applications.

About Spartech
Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri with a unique innovation center and 17 manufacturing facilities located throughout the United States, Spartech is a leading plastics manufacturer of engineered thermoplastic materials and specialty packaging products. Meeting exact standards for everything from food packaging to aerospace and automotive applications, Spartech continues to make a world of difference with sustainable, diverse, reliable, and innovative products including UltraTuf®, Royalite®, Korad®, PreservaPak®, and Polycast®.

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