Techmer PM Successfully Launched its First Fluorine Free Polymer Processing Aid (PPA)

31 January 2023

For decades, plastic film processors have battled to overcome one of their biggest processing challenges, melt fracture. Now they face another daunting feat, regulatory compliance.
Traditional polymer processing aids do a good job of minimizing or eliminating melt fracture, affecting the appearance and physical properties of blown and cast films. Still, those technologies are now in the crosshairs of major brand owners because of their fluorine chemistry. Techmer PM has developed a new PPA that addresses melt fractures without fluorinated chemicals.

Techmer PM’s regulatory and technical teams have been helping their customers navigate this emerging issue of PFOA and PFAS compliance. Known as the “forever chemicals,” PFOAs (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFAS (perfluorinated alkylated substances) are chemicals of health concern and are detected at trace levels in traditional PPAs.

“The quality of film our team was able to produce surpassed our expectations, creating films with higher clarity than proven incumbent technologies,” said Dr. Bhushan Deshpande, Techmer PM’s Vice President of Technology. “We are thrilled with the performance of our new HiTerra™ T5 and even more delighted that our customers will now be able to create the highest quality film while meeting their fluorine-free goals”.

“Our HiTerra T5 scores important wins in safety, sustainability, and process improvement,” says Rodney Weaver, Techmer PM’s Market Manager for Flexible Packaging & Films. “No longer will plastic film extruders be limited to using fluorinated chemicals, which have now been classified as hazardous substances by the EPA,” he added. “We have quickly seen several large-scale commercial successes and are ready to support incoming demand.”

Techmer PM’s HiTerra T5 does not interfere with other performance additives like UV stabilizers or anti-blocks and meets the new EPA guidelines. Download the HiTerra T5 overview here.

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