The next generation of business is regeneration

26 June 2024

Small businesses account for 90 per cent of the global business community, but many struggle to grow, let alone find impactful ways to address environmental and social challenges. Plastic Bank’s Impact Subscription addresses this unmet need by empowering entrepreneurs to help end poverty, stop plastic pollution, and grow their businesses with purpose.

“In waiting for big businesses to become regenerative, we are ignoring the immense potential of small businesses to drive a meaningful transition toward a purpose economy,” said David Katz, Founder and CEO of Plastic Bank. “If we provide entrepreneurs with the guidance and resources to integrate purpose into their business and help them build a tribe of like-minded customers who recognize and reward this shift, we can drive unprecedented growth and impact. It’s a win-win-win for the people, the planet, and the businesses.”

Impact Subscription guarantees the traceable collection of a pre-set amount of plastic bottles by Plastic Bank’s collection community members. Gathered plastic is exchanged by members for money and social benefits, including health, work and life insurance, digital connectivity, grocery vouchers, school supplies, and fintech services.
“Plastic Bank is one of the most effective and important social impact initiatives around and something very close to our heart. We love supporting Plastic Bank, not only to look after the planet but also to lead by example, at least in our industry, amongst our clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders," said Louis Beaumont, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Hive Cleaning, the highest-scoring B Corp certified cleaning company in the UK and an Impact Subscriber with Plastic Bank.

Through their Impact Account, small businesses get access to tools and resources that help effectively communicate their commitment to regenerative practices and the purpose economy. These include authentic stories, photos, videos, and social media content from collection communities; dedicated web pages showcasing their real-time tangible impact; ready-to-deploy in-store materials for retailers; and downloadable impact certificates showcasing the amount of plastic the business has helped gather from the environment.

The 2022 Google Cloud Study reveals that 82 per cent of shoppers support brands that align with their values, 66 per cent search for eco-friendly brands, and 55 per cent say they would pay a premium for sustainable products.

To learn more about how an Impact Subscription can benefit your business, visit Enjoy 50 per cent off the first three months of your Impact Subscription with code FREEDOM. Offer valid until July 31.

About Plastic Bank

Plastic Bank is a social fintech with a global bottle deposit program that helps end poverty and stops plastic pollution.

Collection members exchange plastic for money, social benefits, and beyond. Traceable collection, secured income, and verified reporting are delivered through our blockchain-secured platform.

People and businesses reduce their environmental footprint and support communities through an impact subscription. Subscribers access tools to share impact, invite their customers to join, and grow.

Collected bottles are returned as recycled feedstock to the circular economy.

Plastic Bank is headquartered in Canada, with operations in the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt, Thailand, and Cameroon.

PlasticBank® and Social Plastic® are trademarks of The Plastic Bank Recycling Corporation.

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