This Plastic Free July, QNET Partners with VeryNile to Take On Plastic Waste in the River Nile

2 August 2023

Global lifestyle and wellness-focused direct selling company QNET joined hands with the VeryNile foundation to clean and protect the vital waterways of the River Nile as part of its commitment to upholding sustainable values via its people and projects. The joint initiative also supports the livelihoods of local communities and aligns with the global Plastic Free July movement, which focuses on plastic reduction campaigns that successfully stop around 300 million kilogrammes of plastic from polluting the environment each year.

The VeryNile initiative focused on Qursaya Island, where the ancient river flows between the modern metropolises of Giza and Cairo. Approximately 250 families from low-income backgrounds live and work here, keeping the centuries-old fishing tradition on the Nile alive. However, the rise in pollution is threatening the rich heritage of the world's longest river and the many livelihoods it supports, to the point where the Nile is one of the top rivers contributing to 90 per cent of plastic waste entering the world's oceans today.

QNET partnered with Egypt's pioneering environmental foundation, VeryNile, to remove over 5,000 kilogrammes of plastic waste from the waters around the Qursaya Island. VeryNile was established in 2018 as an initiative focused on creating sustainable means to clean and reduce water pollution in the Nile. The reclaimed plastic is then recycled and converted into raw materials that the women living along the Nile can transform into usable handicrafts and lifestyle products, providing a lucrative economic channel for the community.

"One of the most pressing issues facing our world today is the excessive consumption of materials like plastic bags and bottles. These products are usually used only once and then thrown away. They end up in areas like the Nile River, where they break down into small particles that contaminate the water, threaten wildlife, and affect the health of communities all along the river," Malou Caluza, CEO of QNET, comments. "Our partnership with VeryNile brings much-needed public attention to the serious threat of plastic pollution in the River Nile which has been Egypt's lifeline since Pharaonic days and is the source of 97 percent of its water."  

According to the Plastic Free Foundation's 2022 Impact Report, participation from businesses and local organisations like QNET and VeryNile in Plastic Free July impacts the environment beyond raising awareness of plastic pollution among communities. Of the 140 million people who participated in Plastic Free July in 2022, more than 88 per cent of participants had made at least one lasting change in their plastic consumption behaviours, such as choosing to use reusable bottles and adopting recycling practices in their homes.

Alban de Ménonville, the founder of VeryNile, says, "We are glad to see that an increasing number of companies in Egypt are taking action to raise awareness about the impact of plastic pollution and the environment. Since starting in 2019, we've collected over 21,500 kilogrammes from the Nile. I'd like to thank QNET for helping our mission to keep the Nile plastic-free and supporting the local Qursaya Island community."

QNET has a long history of advocating for sustainable living through its products and business. Since its founding 25 years ago, the company has spearheaded various environmental initiatives, such as its Green Legacy programme, which actively protects nature by planting trees that help improve local ecosystems and generate sustainable agro-forestry livelihoods for local communities. In addition, QNET also bans the use of single-use plastics in all its offices, events, and conventions and is committed to being completely plastic-free by 2025.

Through strategic partnerships with frontline organisations like VeryNile, QNET is making a difference in communities like Qursaya and many others around the globe. For more information on QNET's sustainability initiatives, please visit

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