Unveiling Prismane Consulting's 'Global Polyacetals Market Report' Projecting a USD 6.2 Billion Market by 2032

28 September 2023

Prismane Consulting is thrilled to introduce the seventh iteration of its report on the "Global Polyacetal Resins Market - 2023." This all-encompassing study delves deep into the worldwide Polyacetal Resins market, with particular emphasis on key countries and their varying demands across distinct applications. The study encompasses a range of Polyacetal applications, including automotive (interior, exterior, under-the- bonnet), Electrical & Electronics (Micro Gears, others), Industrial (Conveyor Belts, Industrial Gears, Others), Consumer & Home Appliances, Food Contact, Medical Devices (Insulin Pens, Inhalers, others), Sporting Goods, Semi-finished Goods and Other Applications.

"We're excited to present the seventh edition of our 'Global Polyacetal Resins Market' report," said Rakesh Panigrahi, Principal Consultant at Prismane Consulting. "Our commitment to providing valuable insights into the Polyacetal Resins market is evident in this detailed Market Study report. We have invested substantial effort in understanding the intricacies of this dynamic market landscape, drawing on our extensive experience within the engineering plastics sector. This dedication has also led to the development of an innovative subscription-based solution known as the 'Global Polyacetal Resins Price Competitiveness quarterly update report'. With this offering, our clients will receive quarterly updates that cover a wide spectrum of information, including price trends, profit margins, trade dynamics, and in-depth industry analysis".

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Polyacetals: Applications Overview and Competitive Landscape

Polyacetals also known as polyoxymethylene (POM), renowned for their resilience and toughness, have supplanted traditional materials such as metal and thermoset plastics in diverse applications spanning automotive, electronics, and industrial machinery. One prominent member of the engineering plastics family, Polyoxymethylene (POM), boasts exceptional attributes, including high stiffness, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance. While it excels in precision components like gears and buckles, it does exhibit sensitivity to alkalis and acids. POM operates effectively within temperature ranges up to 90°C, showcasing resistance to moisture, albeit with limitations concerning exposure to high heat or UV radiation. The primary method for processing POM involves injection molding, with the option for reinforcement through materials like glass fibers or blending with PTFE to reduce friction. These versatile polymers have found essential utility in bearings and bushings, ensuring enduring, low-maintenance operation.

Major players in the Polyacetal Resins production landscape, including Celanese Corporation, Polyplastics, DuPont, Korea Engineering Plastics (KEP), Kolon Plastics, and Mitsubishi Chemicals, collectively command a substantial market share exceeding 60%. Their manufacturing facilities span across the United States, China, Taiwan, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Polyacetals: Industry Trends

The Polyacetals market has witnessed notable developments in recent years as the world moves towards the development of sustainable products, particularly in the engineering plastics industry. Companies like Celanese Corporation and DuPont have set this trend by commercializing sustainable versions of their Polyacetal resins, offering them as mass balance bio-based solutions. Following suit, Polyplastics and BASF have also developed POM resins with a low carbon footprint and biomass-derived POM resins. Moreover, in 2021, Celanese and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM) announced a collaboration to further develop mechanical recycling solutions for both post-industrial and post-consumer sources of polyoxymethylene (POM) to meet the demand requests from end-users seeking recycled content options and carbon dioxide reductions while still maintaining product consistency, quality, and performance.

Polyacetals: Rising Prices Owing to Supply Disruption

Environmental regulations forced Polyplastics to close its POM Copolymer facility in Nantong, China, while Asahi Kasei suspended production at its POM facility in Japan, and a POM facility in Poland ceased operations. These events triggered a significant surge in POM prices, with an approximate 15-20% increase observed between 2021 and 2022. In 2021, the average POM CIF Prices in China, the world's largest importer of Polyacetal Resins, fluctuated between $1,978 per ton to $2,187. These prices experienced a substantial rise, reaching approximately $2,400 per ton in 2022. As of early 2023, China's POM CIF Prices have continued to increase, hovering around $2,500 per ton.

The "Global Polyacetal Resins Market" report is now available for access on Prismane Consulting's official website at: https://prismaneconsulting.com/report-details/global-polyacetal-pom-market-study-2016-2032

Topics Covered in the Polyacetal Resins Market Study

  • Demand-Supply Analysis
  • Demand Composition, by Type and Application
  • Capacity & Production
  • Trade (Import, Export and Net Export)
  • Sales & Revenue
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Market Dynamics
  • Country-wise Market Share Analysis
  • Target Markets
  • Business Opportunity Assessment

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