Wanhua Chemical Offers Customizable PU Mattress Solution for Enhanced Sleep Experience

31 August 2023

Bringing ultimate comfort to sleepers, Wanhua Chemical has introduced a polyurethane mattress solution tailored to fit the contours of the body, delivering a wonderful sleep experience.

Revolutionizing the Experience

Utilizing an open-cell polyurethane material with exceptional pressure distribution properties, the slow-rebound mattress excels in responding to external forces. The unique molecular structure of polyurethane allows for "flow" and displacement under pressure, ensuring a perfect fit no matter how you move, spreading support evenly across the entire contact area for a more uniform pressure dispersion.

Spinal Support Design

The seamless integration of the body's contours with the mattress ensures a healthy posture even while lying down. Compared to traditional mattresses, this innovative design minimizes issues like unsupported back and excessive pressure on the hips. Offering adaptive support and pressure relief, it provides effective relaxation for the body, aiding in maintaining proper spinal alignment.

Breathable Comfort

Recognizing the importance of breathability, the material's molecular structure has been engineered to offer enhanced possibilities. This achieves a lightweight and breathable sensation, eliminating moisture and heat retention to deliver a refreshing and comfortable sleep experience.

Safety and Sustainability

With a commitment to user safety and industry sustainability, Wanhua Chemical prioritizes every user's well-being and the long-term health of the sector. By incorporating non-edible castor oil into the production, a bio-based polyether polyol with over 50% bio-based content is achieved. This low VOC, low odor material ensures consumer health while maintaining environmental responsibility through renewable sourcing.

Renewable Cycle

In recent years, Wanhua Chemical has been dedicated to addressing the challenge of recycling mattresses. Leveraging foam recycling technology, the company aims to establish a green ecosystem involving stakeholders such as clients and consumers. This initiative transforms every discarded mattress into a valuable resource, making replacements effortless and eco-friendly.

At Wanhua Chemical, we believe in the power of quality sleep to drive innovation and productivity. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality solutions that enhance their overall sleep experience.


Source: en.whchem.com