Wanhua Chemical’s Surface-form Pro draws attention at NPE Orlando

14 May 2024

During the NPE in Orlando, Wanhua Chemical has showcased our new material and in-mode coating solutions together with YIZUMI. We have developed the Surface-form Pro product that provides high performance combined with high design flexibility to meet the diversified appearance demand of automotive interior and exterior parts, for example, trim panels.

Performance of Surface-form Pro

Scratch resistance, self-healing

High gloss, transparency, and weather resistance

Excellent processability, self-releasing

Adjustable operation time to ensure the molding of different types of products

Industry Chain and Platform Support

Our integrated industry chain and resourceful material supermarket offer various material solutions for PU+ substrates.
CAE simulation service is available for mold flow analysis and is able to identify potential molding risks.
CMF Center provides industrial aesthetic design ideas and can meet personalized demand


YIZUMI is not only a mid- and high-end molding equipment manufacturer with diversified product coverage and global operations, but also a leading molding solution supplier. By gathering global wisdom, we combine professional capabilities and develop new ideas to meet the challenging demands of customers and promote technological progress across the value chain.

In the future, Wanhua Chemical will cooperate with our partners to provide customers with more comprehensive and diversified material solutions.