Water Gremlin Announces Gremlin Green™ Program with Plans to Double Solvent-Free Coating Capabilities by 2025

21 June 2023

Water Gremlin, a market leading manufacturer of essential components for batteries used to power the commercial, consumer, military, and government transportation and infrastructure sectors, will significantly expand its Gremlin Green Program, a proprietary UV technology manufacturing process, over the next two years. The move will dramatically reduce the Company’s use of solvents and volatile-organic-compound (VOC) emissions in its manufacturing operations.

Conceived in 2018, Gremlin Green is a solvent-free UV-curable coating process that provides industry-leading product functionality utilizing a sustainable manufacturing approach. The patented innovation, expected to revolutionize the industry, has received the coveted 2022 Sustainability Award for Innovation from RadTech, the largest global trade association for the Ultraviolet + Electron Beam industry.

“Over the past four years, both Water Gremlin and our customers have conducted extensive field testing on a range of products using this pioneering new process, and we could not be more pleased with the results,” said Christophe Chandler, Senior Manager, Engineering and Manufacturing Technical Support at Water Gremlin. “Our battery products have been tested under the world’s most extreme conditions, and they have demonstrated exceptional quality and dependability. We plan to continue expanding the deployment of our Gremlin Green program across our entire product line as the need and demand for high-quality battery components that are sustainably cured continues to increase.”

Water Gremlin’s UV-based approach replaces the need for a solvent by applying a precise film of resin-based material to the battery terminals. UV light then solidifies the film. In addition to being solvent-free, the process uses less energy than traditional heat-cured processes. Gremlin Green also helps prevent leakage between the terminal and the plastic cover of a battery – thereby enhancing the battery’s performance, longevity, and safe operation.

“Designed from the ground up by our highly skilled team of professionals, Gremlin Green enables us to continue to deliver the highest-quality products that our customers expect while simultaneously transforming our industry for the better,” said Bradley Hartsell, Water Gremlin’s President. “Gremlin Green is a major accomplishment in our efforts to lead the industry in sustainable manufacturing.”

Water Gremlin today operates three UV coating machines, which are at capacity due to existing customer demand. The Company is now investing more than $3 million to build and bring five new UV-coating machines online to meet increasing demand. The Company expects to have four of the five new machines up and running by the end of the First Quarter of 2024.

About Water Gremlin
Water Gremlin is the world’s technological and market leader in battery terminals. It was founded in 1949 as a manufacturer of fishing lures and sinkers. In 1970, the Company expanded to battery terminal production. Water Gremlin uses custom engineering, design, and automation to deliver consistent quality solutions for industries like automotive, agriculture, commercial trucking, marine, telecommunications, recreation, and military and government operations.

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Source: businesswire.com