WWP Beauty Partners with Oceanworks® to Launch New Ocean Plastic Tube.

21 June 2022

WWP Beauty, a world-class full-service supplier to the global beauty industry, has announced it is collaborating with Oceanworks® to help customers incorporate recycled ocean plastics in their products. Recycled ocean and ocean-bound plastics are those recovered from the ocean, waterways, and ocean-bound collection zones within 50 km of a coastline. With at least 8 million tons of plastic entering the world’s oceans every year, WWP Beauty is committed to doing its part through the creation of new packages that pair the Oceanworks®, Ocean Plastic with its eco-friendly packaging designs.

Recently, WWP Beauty also announced the launch of its first-to-market Ocean Plastic 70% tube made from ocean-bound plastic waste which promotes a more circular beauty system. This tube was created using ocean bound waste that has been recovered and recycled from Asian shores. The tube features 77% fewer CO2e emissions per piece and 12% less plastic, in comparison to a traditional tube of the same size. Its lightweight, mono-material design features a RIC 2 claim and ultimately helps divert plastic waste from reaching the oceans to protect the planet. Oceanworks® will also provide source validation so that brands can confidently and transparently share the story and impact of these materials.

"Expanding our collaboration with Oceanworks® aligns closely with our sustainability commitments as a leading cosmetic supplier to the global beauty industry. We are committed to helping customers meet their sustainability goals, through new sustainable technologies and the ability to give our customers access to this exciting and highly demanded material. Through this partnership with Oceanworks® we can help our customers create customized packaging solutions that divert plastic waste from entering the oceans helping to keep our oceans safe and our beaches clean,” said Jennifer Adams, WWP Beauty CEO.

Sea Plastic Differently®

About Oceanworks®

Oceanworks® is a digital marketplace connecting local recycled plastic supply with global demand to keep plastic out of the ocean. The marketplace offers 100s of ocean and averted plastic resins, textiles, and products from trusted suppliers worldwide. Oceanworks® quality standards allow customers to purchase with confidence and the capacity of the global network provides security at scale. Customers, brands and suppliers that use the Oceanworks® Guarantee become part of a larger solution - a circular economy to end ocean plastic. To learn more visit oceanworks.co.

About WWP Beauty

WWP Beauty is committed to developing future-focused, sustainable solutions for the global beauty industry through close collaboration, exceptional agility, and unparalleled scale. The company’s full-service offering of formula, packaging, and accessories, paired with their in-house manufacturing capabilities allow them to stand out as the source for everything beauty. Through a worldwide team of beauty experts that spans across North America, EMEA, and APAC, WWP Beauty offers its customers global support at the local level. To learn more, visit our website at www.wwpbeauty.com.