Aluminium Compact Band Heater Type ZAK

The next generation of innovative heating bands for machines and tools in the plastics processing industry and other devices with homogeneous heat requirements.

Technical data:
Sheath material: aluminium
Wall thickness: approx. 11mm or 14mm
Max. Operating temperature: 450°C
Max. Power density: 4,5 W/cm2
Minimum dimensions: 80D 40L
Maximum dimensions: 500D 400L (larger dimensions on request)

- Different voltage variants
- With holes (also plane-parallel) / cut-outs
- With integrated thermocouple / resistance sensor or heat sensor holder
- Multi-part design or segmental construction
- With warning sign
- With heating acting outwards (mandrel heating)
- With compression spring or disc spring lock

- Closed / melt-proof construction
- Contour-precise installation for demanding geometries
- Optimum heat flow even with several holes and recesses
- Energy efficient