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BASF invests €50 million for new R&D-Campus in Mumbai, India




BASF invests €50 million for new R&D-Campus in Mumbai, India


Mumbai, India



Estimated Cost:

€50 million



BASF breaks ground for new €50 million Innovation R&D Campus in Navi Mumbai, India.


This BASF Innovation Campus (Mumbai) will be a key hub of BASF’s global research and development (R&D) network, and, next to Shanghai, BASF’s second major R&D location in Asia Pacific.

This facility will accommodate around 300 scientists investigating areas such as crop protection, process development and polymer research. It will host global research activities and regional and local development activities. Development activities will serve BASF’s Performance Chemicals, Care Chemicals, and Pigments & Dispersions businesses. By combining development activities with global research, the campus will foster exchange of know-how and ideas about latest technologies and methods, ensure access to state-of-the-art equipment, and create synergies.

The BASF Innovation Campus (Mumbai) will begin operation in 2017 and will include synthesis, application, process, and analytical laboratories. Along with scientific facilities, the 20,000 square meter site includes technical facilities, logistics areas, a full-scale auditorium and canteen, and employee amenities areas.