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BASF opens new Agricultural Research Station in Pune, India

BASF opens new Agricultural Research Station in Pune, India


BASF opened a new Agricultural Research Station in Loni Kand, Pune, India.


This new research and development (R&D) center will focus on global agricultural research on herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides, as well as on solutions that go beyond classical crop protection. The facility will employ new experts, including biologists, farm managers, and workers.

In addition to conducting research in areas of global agricultural interest, the R&D center will also investigate scenarios that are unique to India. These include challenges such as India’s specific weeds and pests, as well as climate stresses, like drought, flood cycles, and heat stress. The center will contribute to tailor-made solutions for India’s agriculture while moving towards BASF’s strategic goal to innovate from Asia Pacific, for Asia Pacific and the world.


Company Name BASF
Location Pune, India
Type New Research Station

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