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Plastic Omnium invests $70M to build 2 plants in the United States

Plastic Omnium



Plastic Omnium invests $70M to build 2 plants in the United States


Chattanooga, Tennessee and Fairfax, Kansas


Plastic Omnium

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Plastic Omnium has begun work on the construction of two plants in the US: the one produces auto exterior
parts in Chattanooga (Tennessee), aimed at supplying the Volkswagen plant nearby; the other is intended for
the production of fuel systems in Fairfax (Kansas), near its customer General Motors.
These two new sites will increase the group’s market share in North America and will boost revenue in the
region, which amounted to €1.4 billion in 2013, i.e. 27% of the consolidated total.

These two plants require a total investment of US$70 million. They will be commissioned in the second half of
2015 and eventually generate revenue of US$140 million.
Chattanooga and Fairfax will strengthen Plastic Omnium's industrial facilities in North America, which
currently comprise fifteen plants (five in the US, nine in Mexico and one in Canada).
The construction of these two production units form part of the €1.2 billion investment program announced by
Plastic Omnium for the 2013-2016 period, aimed at consolidating the world leader position of its two
automotive divisions, external equipment (10% of global market share) and fuel systems (22% of global
market share).