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Polyplastics USA to expand its U.S. headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan



Polyplastics USA to expand its U.S. headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan




Polyplastics USA

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Polyplastics USA, to expand its U.S. headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan. It has doubled its technical and office space, adding several new molding and testing machines which will provide a one-stop shop to serve the technical support needs of its growing customer base.


It increased its overall headquarters space with significant additions coming in the technical laboratory and office/conference room area. The expansion of the testing laboratory includes installation of a new injection molding machine, a JSW 110AD 180H, so the company can provide testing, trouble shooting, and training for our customers. In addition, the company’s new Digital Imaging Correlation Machine from Correlated Solutions will permit the visualization of stress, strain, and deformation within actual parts from the field. Both new machines will enable Polyplastics to offer accurate testing results and save time in the troubleshooting process.

Along with the new conference room and testing lab expansion, Polyplastics has added a new seminar room with a capacity of 40 people.

The larger office and conference room facilities and new equipment are expected to improve technical synergies and accelerate product development and support. In addition, the expansion will provide enhanced customer service capabilities, resulting in improved efficiencies and faster response times.

Since opening its U.S. subsidiary in 2012, Polyplastics has enjoyed strong growth for its engineering materials, according to Lindsey Deal, chief operating officer of Polyplastics USA. “This investment reaffirms our continued commitment to the engineering plastics market in the U.S.,” said Deal. “The expansion will play a key role in meeting the application development needs of our customers and further unlock new business opportunities.”