The 15th China Plastics Exhibition & Conference is coming ceremoniously

Industrial base and fifteen years’ grand ceremony


CHINA-PEC was born at the right moment at the beginning of this century. Since it is first time held in 2001 and developed over 14 years, China-PEC has become a requisite window through which all the situations of the China plastics industry can be analyzed.

Accompanying the maturing of the "four in one" pattern of plastic industry chain comprised of plastic raw materials, product, machinery, machine and tools, it has become a platform where the plastic industry can exhibit and attract different international buyers strongly. Meanwhile, it is also an important and essential exhibition that helps many plastics enterprises and related professionals at home and abroad who are willing to participate in.

The 15th China Plastics Exhibition & Conference (China PEC '2015) will take place at Zhejiang Taizhou (Luqiao) International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 21 -24, 2015 ceremoniously. The expected exhibition area is 35000 square meters, and quantity of booths is expected to 1600. In addition, it will have over 600 exhibitors and not less than 40,000 professional visitors, including thousands of oversea buyers who are from more than 30 different countries. Besides the European Association, mould and plastic association of Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka will continue to participate in the exhibition as exhibitors. Plastic industry Association of Thailand, India, South Korea, Benin, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Africa and nearly 10 countries will organize delegations to attend. It is expected that China-PEC2015 will get a great record number of then exhibitors and visitors after 14 years’ hard work.

The 15th China Plastics Exhibition & Conference is scheduled to be held on September 21 -24, 2015 and it consists of more highlights compared to the past.

Highlight 1: An international event return after fifteen years will hold a meeting ("China (International) plastic Taizhou forum") during the exhibition. Along with the upgrading and transformation of plastic industry, enterprises show more and more interests in some small, but professional, and particular meetings which brings some brainstorming innovations today.

It will also becomes a stage where nearly 300 industry domestic and foreign professionals can discuss face to face about trends of the world plastics industry development and international trade accurately.

Highlight 2: A breakthrough for international promotion, overseas investment got remarkable results, China-PEC has achieved a historic breakthrough in international promotion this year. Since the end of last year, the relevant personnel of the Organizing Committee have been to India, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Taipei, Shanghai, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places to carry out their special promotion, and to get a strong focus by some related industries both at home and abroad. At the same time, the organizing committee has tried to make full use of overseas foreign trade agencies, embassies and the organizers, sponsors and overseas resources. The introduction of foreign business and the bulk purchase have got remarkable results. It is reported that the number of overseas visitors will be most amazing in its history this year.

Highlight 3: Fully escorted by the three-dimensional publicity system, information reaches greatly. Besides using some new media such as mobile terminal, PC terminal for international promotion, the exhibition organizing committee also planned to pay attention to some minor media (such as WeChat, Message) to focus on important customers this year. Also, carefully choose nearly 100 media advertisements to give emphasis on all-round, multi angle, multi-level publicity by integration of graphic, outdoor, TV, radio, Internet and five main media.

Highlight 4: Introduce agricultural plastic region with the national focus on agriculture. Modern agriculture development is intensive to be industrialized, internationalized and specialized. Agricultural plastic not only stands as pillar of the growing China agriculture but also helps every country that has seen the development in agriculture.

The exhibition introduces agricultural plastic and it is mainly aimed at the agricultural plastic products in Taizhou and its surrounding. Direct docking of agricultural and agricultural market will bring new vigor to China-PEC.


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