LMDPE Finished Products

Natty Team Group of companies is a renowned manufacturer of premium quality plastic materials that will be used in the playground and outdoor equipment industry. With unparalleled experience in manufacturing plastic materials such as HDPE, LMDPE finished products efficiently and effectively with the lowest cost as a goal, Natty team has become a dominant force in the plastics industry.

Natty has developed a technique to manufacture these HDPE board locally. The company is poised to position as the best and foremost supplier of such materials with relatively no competition in the Malaysian market, by offering a cheaper alternative of HDPE boards to manufacturers.

LMDPE - Linear Medium Density Polyethylene
LMDPE (Linear Medium Density Polyethylene) contains the preeminent properties in rotational molded components that will be used in Landscape Forms’ products. They combine good stiffness and impact strength. They have a lower melting temperature making them desirable for rotationally molding.

LMDPE products that are available are:

•    LMDPE 800mm Slide
•    LMDPE 30'' dia. Tube
•    LMDPE 1200mm Single Wave Slide

Natty Team uses rotational molding as it offers a wide range of advantages when compared with other molding techniques or thermoforming. Costs for molds and tooling are relatively low, and this technique can be easily adapted to short production runs, particularly when sets of multiple-cavity molds are used.

Applications of LMDPE Products:
LMDPE products are used to make playground equipments and sporting equipments such as golf carts, footballs, dumbbells, helmets and so on.

Environmental Responsibility of Natty Team:
Natty team believes that ‘Small steps make a big difference’. The company always thrives to become a resilient business by establishing and implementing environmental sustainability plan that reduces waste and pollution, optimizes the use of energy and materials.

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