4th Global Summit on Recycling and Waste Management

4th Global Summit on Recycling and Waste Management

9 July - 9 July, 2020

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Hotel Roma Aurelia Antica, Italy

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28 Maxwell Road, #03-05 Red Dot Traffic Singapore (069120)

About 4th Global Summit on Recycling and Waste Management

Webniar on Recycling and Waste Management all the global emirates in this department to share their research at this exclusive scientific program held in Miami, USA during July 09, 2020 which based on the theme "Recycle Today for a Better Tomorrow".

Scientific Session: Recycling Basics, Rubber & Plastic Recycling, Paper Recycling, Agriculture & Food Waste Recycling, Chemical & Industrial Waste Recycling, Solid Waste Management, E-Wastes Recycling and Management, Effect of 3Rs on climate change, Waste Treatment Technologies, Waste to Energy, Petrochemical and Oil Recycling, Recycling Business.




Exhibitors Profile

•  Enhance your knowledge of the innovative approaches and technologies
•  Get the latest updates on advancements in barrier technology
•  Gain valuable insights on Multi-Layer Technology, IML Applications, Extrusion Blow Moulding
•  Exchange on new material solutions to reduce the weight, improving the quality, performance, light protection of PET bottles

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