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DIANAL-BR thermoplastic acrylic bead resins are more specifically polymers or copolymers of various methacrylic and acrylic monomers used in a wide range of applications, including coating materials, inks and adhesives. DIANAL-BR resins are available in 0.01mm to 1mm particle sizes and in a broad range of grades as well as molecular weights.


DIANAL-BR acrylic coating materials provide chemical resistance, weatherability, rigidity and hardness. It is used in a variety of applications including lacquer coatings, adhesives, paper coating materials, waterproof coatings.


Three grades of DIANAL-BR are commercially available from Thailand:


BR106: general purpose grade, acid value improves adhesion and pigment dispersion
BR113: hard general purpose coating resin.
BR116: coating resin with improved pigment dispersion

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