Injection Moulding Maxima

Maxima Injection Moulding Machine - Get Maximized


  • Two platen injection moulding machine
  • Machines widely used in Automotive, Furniture, White Goods, Industrial components.
  • Minimum footprint thanks to two-platen, compact clamping unit
  • Cycle time reduction made possible by two diagonally positioned high-speed cylinders featuring fast locking split nuts and rapid pressure build up time
  • High-level of operating safety and excellent part quality thanks to stable platen control, precise platen parallelism, and sensitive mould protection
  • Power-saving drive units, two-platen clamping units with optimized design and improved performance.
  • Maxima Servo 3200 Ton of Ferromatik Milacron India is the largest India built Injection Molding Machine.

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