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Hotcontrol thermocouples & rtds

Hotcontrol thermocouples & rtds

As well as a large range of heating elements and temperature control units, hotset also offers thermocouples and RTDs developed and manufactured in-house.




A thermocouple consists of two wires made of different materials that, due to the thermoelectric effect, produce a voltage from which the temperature can be derived.

Depending on the desired application temperature, various thermocouples are available to choose

Type J iron/cupro-nickel acc. to DIN EN 60584 & ANSI 96.1

Type L iron/cupro-nickel acc. to DIN 43710

Type K nickel-chromium/nickel acc. to DIN EN 60584 & ANSI 96.1

Type K nickel-chromium/nickel acc. to DIN 43710




RTDs are used to measure temperature in many sectors of industry. Here, an ohmic resistor is used as a temperature sensor. Its resistance value is temperature-dependent. Platinum has established itself as the chosen resistive material. The most frequently used platinum alloy is known as Pt100, which we manufacture according to DIN EN 60751.Other available sensor types are, for example:

• Pt100 • Pt500 • Pt1000

• Ni100  • Ni120  • Various NTC sensors


hotcontrol Thermocouples and RTDs areas of application:


  • Plastics industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Steel industry 
  • Ceramics and glass industry   
  • Pharmaceutical industry

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