Laboratory & Pre Heating Drying Ovens

ZAK/FAK/FMK Compact Heater


ZAK/FAK/FMK Compact Heaters in the new developed compact cylindrical construction offer various usages in the industrial sector, especially in the polymer processing industry. The ZAK Compact Heaters are comparable in design and construction with the already successful used Flat Compact Heaters FAK. A resistance betted into aluminium offers best heat transfer until corners of the heater. Furthermore protects the closed design the Heater against running over materials. ZAK/FAK/FMK Compact Heaters are as well very suitable for difficult constructions with complicated cut outs/holes (e.g. at degassing zones at tool crossings etc). Wattage distribution and connection outlay are individually matched to customer requirements. ZAK/FAK/FMK Compact Heaters offer a high operation safety and therefore long operation times, which results in excellent economic relationship.

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