Company : INIPRESS SpA

Category : Moulds and Dies

Special Moulding Processes


INIPRESS offers world-class services in special moulding processes. As part of its special moulding process, the company provides multi-material, multi-colour (bi/tri-injection moulding), gas assisted injection moulding (parts with hollow shapes), In-Mould-Labelling (IML) , stack moulding, etc.


Its customers can count on an exceptionally high level of competence, a dynamic mind-set and constantly updated technology. Its engineers are continually experimenting with new technologies on innovative machinery. They study and develop unique ways of working with the materials, they produce prototypes and samples and offer qualified assistance to designers and manufacturing companies alike.


The special moulding processes at INIPRESS include injection-compression moulding, thin-wall, insert moulding with fabric or metal, etc. Inipress specialises in the manufacture of coloured components with special effects such as metallic, pearlescent and iridescent finishes.

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