Servo Driven Thermoforming Machine

Servo Driven Thermoforming Machine Model TMF - Servo Master

TMF Servo Master is an all Servo Thermoforming machine for forming applications. Though it incorporates an all electric toggle mechanism, it combines the power of hydraulics and speed of the pneumatics. This machine has been designed to deliver high acceleration, high force applications and long life.


  • Machine functions are controlled by 4-axis position controlled PLC operating system
  • Clamping forces range from 30 to 40 tonnes
  • Mould closing unit is based on a 5 point toggle lever mechanism with closed lubrication system. A servo motor with gear operates the toggle lever to offer platen speeds of more than 500mm /sec. This translates into fast and highly dynamic process movements and short dry cycle times.
  • The moving mould platen is supported by high precision linear guides
  • Each axis is close loop controlled and can be activated simultaneously
  • Main drive servo motor comes with high speed emergency stop. It also has a mechanism to warn if the machine encounters a dangerous operating condition
  • Machine is offered with 18 different speeds



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