HDPE Plastics Pipes

HDPE Pipes - High Density Polyethylene Pipes


HDPE Pipes are available in range of 25mm to 630mm OD. These High Density Polyethylene Pipes are made as per IS 4984 & DIN/ISO standards in PE100 & PE80 Grades.

HDPE Pipes are widely used as replacement of Metallic and Non Metallic pipes due to better mechanical and chemical properties like


  • Light in weight
  • Highly abrasion resistance
  • Good ESCR
  • Easy and quickinstallation
  • Minor maintenance
  • Leak free as well as odorless
  • Hygienic safe for potable water
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance properties


Besides mostly used in supply of Potable Water, HDPE Pipes are mainly used in Dredging and Desalination, Acid & Slurries Transportation, Sewerage and Effluent Treatment Plants, Anti corrosive equipments, cable ducting, Drainage & Sewage, Salt Water Handling, Mines & Constructions sites, irrigations, Hot & Cold Air Ventilation systems, Material handling.

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