CNC Milling Machines

With two multi axis CNC routers have capability to cut the parts up to the size of 1500 mm x 3000mm X 600mm. we have been using CNC milling machines for trimming thermoformed parts. With CNC milling the cutting of contour and trim variations can be realized easily, quickly, economically and above all it is extremely precise! This is possible without the need for additional special tooling, angle heads or any other resources.


Parts manufactured by the process of thermoforming from Engineering plastics are making rapid inroads in a variety of new applications, due to the ability to produce very large dimension components in relatively smaller quantities.  They are presently used in the automobile industry, coach interiors, mass transport, interior panels of ambulances, materials handling systems, lighting covers & signage to name a few.


The combination of desirable product properties, overall weight reduction and easy maintenance, make thermoformed engineering plastics the product of choice for an array of end users which keep growing consistently.

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