Thermoforming Plastics Technologies

Thermoforming is one of the most rapidly growing plastics processing technologies. The process offers the advantage in terms of low tooling cost, quick turn around time, initial low investment, and wide varieties of engineering and commodity plastic sheets to match the end applications. The sheets are available in standard and custom colors, thicknesses and plain to textured surfaces.  


We are equipped to offer the formed parts up to the size of 3000 mm x 2000mm and deep drawing of up to 600 mm. We are equipped to offer the parts with undercuts, inserts and assembled to use it as ready to use parts. The formed parts are trimmed on the multi axis CNC routers to offer close tolerance cutting.



Some of the advantages:



  • Mold cost is much lower than injection molding
  • Faster prototype & development time for new products
  • A wide range of Engineering Plastics to Choose from
  • Finish that can match injection molded articles
  • Can achieve complex shapes and minimum number of components
  • Consistent quality & fast productivity at economic prices.


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