Die Casting Plastic Injection Molding

We make moulds for plastic injection, die-cast (aluminium & zinc), blowing, carbide and BMC. We are certified with ISO 9001:2000 on December 2003. Our moulds are used by major multinationals across different industry verticals such as electronics, computers, semiconductor, electrical, automobile (lights, air-coditioning case, grille, airbags, glove compartment, instrument panel, and accessories), gas counter (gear components), valves, motorbike, household lighting parts, security seals, speakers, furniture, casting (engine case, steering housing, starter, alternator bracket), pump, telecommunication, audio and other moulds.


From samples, 2D & 3D drawing, sketch or prototype, parts and mould design (use Unigraphic software) can be completed in competitive lead times and prices. Reverse engineering can also be done with the latest scanner for 3D profile (+ - 0.02mm) accuracy.

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