Silicone Molded Parts & Profiles

Silicone Profiles are used as the raw material of silicone itself. Our company manufactures these profiles with utmost quality. Our production range includes all hardness, colors, and a variety of shapes.

We produce extruded Silicon Products based on the requirements of clientele in any form, color and resistant to low and high temperatures in a range of -60o C, +300o C. We follow health and food regulations while manufacturing the products. These products have excellent resistance to Ozone and Weather.

Our products are majorly used in the Automotive Industry, Electrical Appliances, Ovens, Building Industry and Medical Applications. We are also capable to produce Silicone molded parts and Profiles with different cross sections and dimensions.


They are used in:

  • General seal profiles
  • Fixed stop absorption
  • Inflatable seals
  • Window Frames, door seals (car, construction etc)

We manufacture high-quality Silicone Profiles in our manufacturing unit and these facilities give us a wide range of options to provide with profiles that are customized to our client’s requirements.

Other Products

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