Inline Drip Tubing

The line is equipped an extruder with special design barrier screws for best homogeneous melt and equiiped to manufacture LLDPE tubings for FLAT and CYLINDRICAL drippers.


The line comes with vacuum calibrator tank for sizing and cooling the tube. Material of construction is SS with twin chamber design and precise vacuum control to produce tubing to utmost accuracy. The tube is further cooled in spray bath which gives a shrinkage free final product. Air Knife arrangement provided to dry tube efficiently.


Other salient Features of this line are, technically advanced haul off for precise pulling force to maintain the dimensional stability of tube with dripper inserts and High tech coiler with servo control system to make compact & uniform layer coils. Along with all the above mentioned features, the equipment is designed to utilize power with extreme efficiency.


KET already has experience in machinery for irrigation tubes with numerous installations of Inline cylindrical drip tubing lines. In such critical environmental conditions, micro-irrigation has many advantages and thus it is gaining importance day by day. Drip irrigation regulates the amount of water going to the fields, plants and thus saves water. Its reusability enables cost saving and one can achieve green revolution in barren lands with precise irrigation techniques.

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