PVC Pipes Manufacture & Plant

KET manufactures complete extrusion lines with optimally matched components, sophisticated automation concepts and tailor-made solutions enabling processors to consistently produce high quality end products.


Twin Screw Extruders are crucial for the efficient extrusion of quality PVC pipes.A wide range of products are made on these extruders.


The screw has a maintenance free and self regulating screw temperature control system. Synchronisation of drives of extruder, feeder and haul-off enables ease of operation and reduction of wastage leading to cost savings.




KET high precision Twin Screw extruders can manufacture high quality PVC pipes which can be used for drinking water, irrigation, plumbing, SWR, casing, conduits, industrial applications, etc. The processor friendly and energy saving extruders are compatible with a variety of applications customised to meet requirements and produce excellent product quality.

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