Dehumidifying Dryer Manufacturer

The dehumidifying dryer provides stable low-dew point dry air of“ -40 degree centigrade” and a suction loader on a single platform. Components such as the adsorbent need not be replaced to maintain stable performance. The dehumidifying dryer uses Matsui’s reputed honeycomb rotor. A dew point of “-40 degree centigrade” is considered to be the best molding environment. The dehumidifying dryer has a dual hopper structure which enhances thermal insulation and achieves higher energy saving rate. The dehumidifying dryer has a compact design. The dryer and the loader of the dehumidifying dryer integrated into a simplified structural design. The dehumidifying dryer has components that are specially designed for long-term usage. The Matsui dehumidifying dryer is available at highly competitive prices.

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