Mold Temperature Controller

Matsui’s Mold Temperature Controller is a unit that promotes stable temperature. The MatsuiMold Temperature Controller is geared for high precision molding and safe to use. The temperature is displayed on the monitors with 0.1 degree accuracy. The temperature is controlled by the mold temperature controller with a precision of +/- 0.5 degrees. The Matsui mold temperature controller has specialized energy saving features such as reduction of heater’s “ON” time by 8 percent set at 120 degrees using water. The mold temperature controller’s high level of precision improves operational efficiency. Reinforced thermal insulation is available in the mold temperature controller. The size of the heaters as well as motors of the mold temperature controller is optimized for better performance and less energy consumption. These mold temperature controllers have the latest technology which makes them easy-to-use and highly precise. Available at competitive prices, the mold temperature controller has automatic controls which shut down on excessive heating.

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