Anti-caking Agent for Mineral Fertilizers


AgroMag is a novel and environmentally friendly magnesium fertilizer. Effective for potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, that are grown in the open and in protected ground, AgroMag is homogeneous white powder without impurities, odorless. It can be used for all crops as the main fertilizer and ameliorator.


The products include - Magnesium fertilizer acting as an ameliorator and liquid complex fertilizer.


Anti-caking agent for mineral fertilizers


Anti-caking agent is basically utilized to prevent caking and dusting hygroscopicity. Caking and dusting is considered as a negative factor when concerned with product’s performance.


The utilization is in the production of ammonium nitrate and compound fertilizers. In the application of magnesium hydroxide formed AgroMag durable and dense granules grained structure, giving fertilizer optimum physical properties. It’s a complex fertilizer.


The products in this category include: Anti-caking agent for complex fertilizers and anti-caking agent for ammonium nitrate.

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