Russian Mining Chemical Company

Russian Mining Chemical Company

LLC “RGHO”Lyusinovskayad . 36 , p. 1 , 8th floor115093 Moscow, Russia.

AboutRussian Mining Chemical Company

The Russian Mining Chemical Company came into inception in 2002 by four young enthusiasts who decided to combine their skills and worthwhile experience in the field of processing magnesium minerals thus, creating the company. With its headquarters in Moscow and production facilities at Vyazma and Far East of Russia, the company plans to implement new projects to raise their level in accordance with the present scenario and industry needs.


The company holds a prominent name in the industry and is one of the prime producers of magnesia products in the Russian Federation and CIS. The produce of Russian Mining Chemical is widely used in industry, environmental protection and agriculture.


Russian Mining Chemical notably is one of the major companies providing maximum support to European consumers so that they implement and use the company’s product. The company has a registered research centre for catering this need. The company uses modern equipment and hence generates high quality material.


The feature that drives the company to greater heights is the control over the enterprise which promotes- significant changes in the productive activities of mining facilities, serious modernization, the necessity for major personnel changes and the implementation of a significant investment.