Coloured Stretch Wrap Cling Films


Stretch Wrap Cling Film being manufactured on Blown Film Extrusion Plant using PIB (Poly-isobutylene) based Cling Agent in blend with LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene), in a clean processing area taking utmost care. The Stretch Wrap Cling Film is a product made as per the customers’ specification ranging from 250 to 500 mm in width and with a minimum thickness of 20 microns.


The application of Stretch Wrap Cling Film is in Pallet Wrapping (Hand and Machine Wrapping), Wrapping of Fruits, Vegetables and Food Items, Wrapping of Bundles and stationary, rolls, shippers, steel coils, drums etc, Wrapping of Machinery, Engineering products, parts and other industrial products


The advantages are that Stretch wrap Cling Film is a tacky material with self adhesive properties and when wrapped a pallet it imparts firm grip over the contents and holds together. While, Stretch wrap Cling Film is light weight, clear and transparent transport worthy, weather resistant and keeps away water and dirt contamination with easy to handle and at cost effective features.

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