Compact Thermoforming Machine


Auto hydraulic cutting machines are available in two variants – VFK 800/300 and VFK 800/400 – under the compact thermoforming machine line. The two models are hydraulic cutting system-based machines. The VFK 800/300 has a capacity of 60 shots per minute, while it is 1,200 shots per hour for the VFK 800/400 model.



The PS foam sheet extruders are available with three different capacities 150kg per hour (VFK 90/120), 200kg per hour (VFK 100/130) and 350kg per hour (VFK 115/150). The VFK 90/120 extruders, VFK 100/130 extruders and VFK 115/150 extruders produce PS foam sheet that comes in 100mm width and 1-4mm thickness.

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