VFK Corp

VFK Corp

204, Ungjin Plaza
682-2, Deongchondong
South Korea

AboutVFK Corp

Based in Seoul, Korea, VFK Head Corporation manufactures thermoforming and vacuum forming machine, extruders, punching machine and molds for the global market. Established in 1995, the company also manufactures plastic thermoforming machines. We have been a leading exporter for more than 10 years supplying to the Middle East and South East Asia.


The company manufactures products for various types of applications including air pressure and vacuum forming M/C line, big size thermoforming line, medium size vacuum forming line, compact thermoforming line, cup production line and PS PE foam sheet extruder. The factory is located in Galsanri, Kimpo city.


The technical services of the company include technical support for new mold development.