Colour Masterbatches

Welset Plast manufactures around 4,000 shades of coloured masterbatches available for different applications. They include LLDPE, HDPE, PP, HIPS, ABS, and PS base masterbatches. Moreover, the company also offers value-added masterbatches with various properties and expandable masterbatches.

The LDPE, HDPE and PP resins colour masterbatches are widely used in films, injection, blow mouldings and extrusions. The product range includes shopping bags, garden furniture, bottles / jerry cans, mats and woven sacks. PVC colour masterbatches are used for cables, shoes, flexible and rigid applications. They include battery cover cases, construction parts, automobile parts and pipes.

PS, ABS and SAN based colour masterbatches are used for refrigerator parts, home appliances, car parts, disposable PS items, etc.

Other Products

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