Medical Grade PVC Compounds


Medical grade PVC compounds, such as non-toxic PVC compounds, non-toxic medical grade tubings and coloured master batches for medical applications are widely used in manufacturing variety of products for pharmaceutical and hospital industries. They are used for blood bags, urine bags, blood transfusion sets, IV bags, oxygen masks, nose masks, catheters, medical tubings and disposables. Non-toxic PVC compounds are also used for toys, novelties, bottles, safety appliances, etc.




Welset Plast manufactures high quality PVC compounds mainly for the power and telecom industries. They manufacture cables, automobiles, soft and rigid extrusions, injection mouldings, blow mouldings, and blow film extrusions.


The company supplies high quality insulation, sheath and power cables for electric wires, submersible pumps and telephone lines. Automobile accessories like window profiles, bushings, o-rings, gaskets, sheeting for roofs, door panels, handles, gas tubing, seal applications, washers, bellows and diaphragms are also manufactured by the company.


The company also manufactures blow mouldings for variety of bottles, injection mouldings for automobile interior parts, gift articles, fittings, valves, solid microcellular shoes and unit soles.

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