nuh Kompozit San. ve Tic. A. S.

nuh Kompozit San. ve Tic. A. S.

Tuzla Kimya San. OSB
Melek Aras Bulvari No: 20 Tuzla

Aboutnuh Kompozit San. ve Tic. A. S.

Nuh Kompozit, the only Turkish based company is the producer of “Long glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene” and “Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene.”  It is one of the powerful manufacturers in Plastic Industry.

The composite granules can be produced either by PultrusionMethod or Coating Method.

Coating Method:

Being an earlier technology, coating method is a technique in which the long glass fibers are coated by plastics. It makes fibers distribution heterogeneous during injection moulding process.

Pultrusion Method:

The Pultrusion method has been developed so to augment the impregnation of long glass fiber.Impregnation head is the significant place where the impregnation happens in the production.

“Long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene” and “Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyethylene” produced by the company come under the name DURAMAX LFT which are applicable mostly in the automotive industry.