Kibbutz Na’aran D.N Arvot
Hayarden 9067200


Founded in 1986 by a joint venture between Kibbutz Na'aran and an experienced Italian producer, P.V.Ran started as a manufacturer of high quality P.V.C films that can be used for various purposes. Today, P.V.RAN has joined the DARNEL group, which is a worldwide group of Packaging manufacturers and sales organization based in North and South America, Europe and Middle east.


Spread over a huge surface area of 15000 square meters, 9000 of which are covered, the factory is a face of the company’s consistent performance.


Through its capacity to arrive at excellent standards, P.V.RAN has become a leading manufacturer of P.V.C films in the packaging industry. P.V.RAN has a wide range of packaging films to offer for the packaging industry as well as ones that can come to use for households.