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Thermosetting Injection Molding

Thermosetting Injection Molding

HD-UV Series Servo Power-Saving Thermosetting Injection Molding Machine: HD-180UV~260UV


Clamping Unit:


  • By Computer Aided Design (CAD) clamping system, the clamp stroke and distance between tie bars have been enlarged for versatile usage.
  • Machines are equipped with up-down toggle system for high speed molding.
  • Linear potentiometer can reach 0.01mm high accuracy, and all position settings can be saved into the computer, suitable for high precision molding.
  • Fully automatic lubrication device ensures excellent lubricating effect and assures machine's accuracy.


Injection Unit:


  • Suitable for thermosetting plastic material, double-function for exchanging between thermo-plastic and thermosetting.
  • By linear potentiometer for 0.01mm high precision position control for injection and clamping systems.
  • Use of oil heating circulation and electric heating for barrel ensures the stability of temperature control.
  • Specialized screw & barrel for thermosetting, special treated steel of barrel set for anti-erosion when in use of thermosetting material.


Electrical Unit:


  • Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical safety devices consist tri-interlock safety system.
  • Emergency stop on operation & rear sides.
  • Low pressure mold opening & closing protection.

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