Two-Component Injection Molding

FB-R Series Two-Component Injection Molding Machine (Rotary Table): FB-140R~1420R


FCS is the first company to successfully research and develop double color injection molding in Taiwan. Being the most experienced and having advanced technology capabilities, the company could able to satisfy our customer’s needs. The double color injection molding machine is equipped with a 180° rotation plate which allows placement of two molds to produce double color products.


Other features include:


  • Machine comes equipped with two sets of hydraulic core pulling device on the rotation plate. In addition, it also comes with cooling system in the molds.
  • During operation, the rotation plate does not come in contact with the platen, thus reducing the possibility of damage caused by friction. Besides, with accurate confirmation of the rotation position, it can protect the mold themselves.
  • Two isolated barrel sets inject at the same time, thereby reducing cycle time. The shorter cycle time increases productivity of the machine and hence helps to yield bigger profits.
  • With an accuracy reaching 0.01mm, linear potentiometers are used in the two injection sets and clamping molds to accurately control the injection process and the closing and opening of molds.
  • By PRO/ENGINEER computer aid designed clamping system; the clamp stroke and distance between bars have been enlarged for versatile usage.

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