Ultra-High Production Rate CAP

FCS successfully developed the “Ultra-high production rate CAP series”. A 28mm/30mm 48-cavity mold can produce at least 26,000 caps per hour.


System Features:


  • 3 major sub-systems:  AD-series tripe-loop fast cycle injection molding machine, a cap mold, and a patented cap-cutting machine.
  • Triple Loop Hydraulic system:  Cycle time is shortened due to material charging, mold opening/closing, and ejection are completed simultaneously.
  • Three Axis Simultaneous Movement:  The key to the high performance of this production system; output is raised over 21%.
  • High performance Shut-Off Nozzle: Shut-off nozzle for 100% leakage prevention.
  • New Patented Injection Carriage: Prevent barrel from tilting forward and nozzle from upturning.
  • Application: Suitable for making caps of various bottles.

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