Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Machinery & Plant

R.R. Plast manufactures plastic Extrusion Machinery & Equipment. After successful installation of 123 Round drip Irrigation pipe plant all over India. R. R. Plast developed with high-speed user-friendly flat drip irrigation pipe plant in the year 2013.

Bearing in mind, the exact requirement of Indian agriculture sector, the company has been elected as one of the world’s best technology partner to supply such equipment to Indian manufacturers with 100% drippers supply guarantee.

Till date R. R. Plast has supplied of 2Nos high speed Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant to our esteemed customer as below.

  1. EPC Industries (Mahindra Group) – Maharashtra
  2. Ravi Plant Bio Technologies Ltd - Gujarat.

Technical Specifications:


Model Dripper Per Min Line Speed at Output (Kgs/Hour)
0.2 mm Thickness 0.8 mm Thickness
RRPP 45/33- 45-150-STD Series Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant 300 100-120 m/min 70-80 m/min 150
RRPP 75/33 Flat 90- 300-Master Series Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant 600 165-180 m/min 140-150 m/min 300
RRPP 75/33 Flat 110-360- Jet Master Series Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant 1000 230-250 m/min 180 m/min 360


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