Vented Recycling Machinery Plant

RR Plast Extrusion offers following types of Reprocessing Lines:


  • Direct Feed Type Vented Recycling Plant
    With Water Ring Die Face Cutter for recycling of Stretch Film, Cast Sheet, PP/HD Woven Sacks (Raffia Waste), highly printed film waste (monolayer/Multilayer) as well as Film Waste/Low Bulk Density plastic waste.
  • Single Stage Vented Recycling Plant
    This is deployed for low bulk density material less than 0.5 gm/cm3, Multilayer Film Waste, Highly Printed Film Waste and for the plastics waste with higher moisture and contamination Cutter.
  • Two Stage Vented Recycling Plant
    This comes with a Strand Pelletizer/Water Ring Die face.


Salient Features of the above recycling lines include guaranteed High capacity/performance line, minimum electricity consumption (minimum unit/kg processed), vented Extruder removing moisture (no preheating needed), chemical ink and volatiles from plastic waste. All sub components of the high capacity reprocessing lines from reputed brands in the world along with safety consideration and lastly, Complete after sales & service support from R. R. Plast.


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