Plastic Tube Extrusion Plant

R.R. Plast has supplied over 70 such high speed extrusion plants and all of India's leading D/F Pen manufacturers use RRP's machine and not only just one machine but in many cases, they have repeated orders. This is a testament to their attention to the quality, consistency and performance of the machines.

They have also exported such a machines in Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal and Brazil.

The unique features of RRP's machines include high-speed production line with a guarantee of 80 to 100 cuts / min for DF Barrel and 250 cuts / min for Polo Barrel and a servo Cutter which ensures uniform cut length of the barrels with single blade, no waste cut piece between two cuts, diameter tolerance of 0.05 mm for O.D. & I.D, cutting length Accuracy of 0.5 mm, RRP uses all branded components and there is no compromise on quality by using cheaper substandard components.

R. R. Plasts also offers the machine with MELT PUMP / O.D. MEASURING GAUGE / PLC SOFT TOUCHSCREEN option at extra price.

These machines comes completely assembled with cable trays and all safety features with emergency start / stop buttons near every motor. With over 10 years of experience in this field we have mastery over such extrusion line and can provide you 100 % online support.24 hours service and spares support, which is most critical aspects as to why our lines are running successfully not just in India but in Africa as well.

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