Plastic Stretch Film Manufacturers

Stretch films act as a barrier to wet weather, dust, dew and damp conditions during a long term or short term usage, transport of goods. Luggage, pallets, boxes wrapped with plastic stretch films are easier to handle and results in fewer worker injuries and less tampering.

Agricultural and industrial films, multilayer stretch films, Conventional polyethylene stretch films are the ideal solution to protect palletized goods during transportation and warehousing.

Sepas Plastik, one of the best Stretch Film manufacturers deliver the products with excellent cling, high clarity, high tear-resistant, and recyclable qualities. We deliver stretch films such as manual stretch films, machine stretch films, high performance 50 layer stretch films, silage stretch films, and super power stretch films.

Our stretch films that contain thin, multiple layers can be applied around to valuable goods at exceptionally low cost, forming a resilient and transparent barrier to products during their transit.


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