Plastic Pallet Hoods Manufacturers

Pallet hoods are non-shrink pallet covers and protective plastic hoods for packaging pallets. Our plastics pallet hoods are widely used to protect loads from the weather and dirt during long term storage. To provide stability, stretch films can be applied over the pallet hoods.

We, one of the leading plastic pallet manufacturers that provide pallet hoods in various colors according to our client request. They are transparent and help to print company names and logos. Sepas Plastik, one of the foremost pallet cover manufacturers proffers pallet hoods in different thickness and sizes to suit your demands. They are supplied in single sheets, perforated on a roll or continuous on a roll.

Large pallet hoods can be supplied a range of colors and thicknesses to meet specific customer specifications. We can supply hoods for automatic and manual applications to suit every application. Our pallet hoods are easy to use in manual or machine applications.

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